As part of this blog, I have used images, text and information from external sources. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure sources are credited, unfortunately, I have not been able to trace the source of every image obtained. Listed below are the links and names of some of the material in this blog. If I have used material from your site which you would prefer removed, please contact me and I will do so. Additionaly, if you would like a link and credit to material used, please contact me.  Source unknown 8264903799/in/set-72157632223568317/ This blog has been made posible through the contributions of family members who have been invaluable in providing many of the stories, pictures and articles. In particular, my Aunt, Jan Ball (nee Cooper), who has dedicated many hours to me in person, and through email to ensure that I learned all I could about the life of my great-grandfather. As James died before I was born, I have relied on information from both Jan and my mother, Jacqueline Sands (nee Cooper) in order to paint a picture of the life of James. Additionaly, the family tree work carried out by Don Cooper in Canada, has proved invaluable. Don and Jan had been exchanging emails on the subject of James Cooper and the family, the result of which has confirmed some stories, thus contributing to the accuracy of this blog. Additionally, my sister Heather Sands was of great help during the editing process. Iaian Cooper Sands.   Newfoundland grand banks website. (island)#Flags_of_Newfoundland Source unknown inside-first-world-war/part-one/10271886/who-started-world-war-one.html The Royal Newfoundland Regiment website. Pictures sourced from “The Trail of the Caribou” by Tony Murphy and Paul Kenney. Harry Cuff publications limited. 1991.