© www.number98.net 2014-2017 James Cooper and Margaret Aitken Dunlop in their wedding photograph. The parents of James Cooper. Left: Jopseph James Cooper. Right: Bridget McAllister. Tragically, Bridget drowned in New York harbour in 1932, aged 55. Joseph also died in NewYork some time later. Margaret with children John and Gladys. James with granddaughter, Jan. Margaret and James with grandchildren Michael, Lorna and Jacqueline. James recieving his gold watch upon retirement. Brother of James, Ned, on a visit to Scotland from Newfoundland. Here he is at the grave of the father of poet Robert Burns. Portrait of James Cooper post-retirement. James in retirement. [top l-r] John Cooper [James' son from Ayr Scotland] , Edward Cooper ,William Cooper [bottom l-r] James Cooper and Julia Cooper All Brothers and Sister of James Cooper from St John's, Newfoundland